Serving Saline, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding Michigan area

About Us


Let’s get delirious about fitness! 

Welcome to Delirium Fitness, a locally and privately owned boutique fitness studio where our priority is serving you. We offer small-group personal training classes for women, as well as personal training and drop-in circuit training for all!

Our mission is to give each member the best workout experience of their life. 

We are not necessarily about weight loss or looking good.  We are about being the best we can be, loving our bodies, being stronger and more confident, and staying healthy.    We are not a trendy fad or a fancy franchise.  We are experienced, professional, personal.  We are about supporting and challenging you appropriately in your fitness and wellness journey, no matter where you are.

What can you expect?

Your first meeting will be a private or semi-private 1 hour intake assessment with one of our Owners where we get to know you: Your fitness goals, your limitations, your challenges.  From there, you will either begin a “Jump Start” program for up to six weeks or get right into our Delirium Signature workouts.

What are the Delirium Signature workouts like?  VIIT is “Variable Intensity Interval Training”.  It’s not another gimmick, it’s tried and true.  We combine traditional cardio intervals on machines (treadmills, rowers, and bikes) with strength exercises using weights, TRX, kettlebells, and other resistance tools to give you a full-body/well-rounded workout in 1 hour, or less!  Everybody can do it.  It’s safe, too!  But it’s not EASY.  Due to the smaller format, you will be given suggestions and opportunities to modify or challenge yourself according to your fitness level.  You will never have the same workout twice as class formats, exercises, intervals are always different and combined in new ways.    We warm up safely and effectively, and we do a formal/group stretch at the end of every class.   Getting healthy and better in a safe supportive environment where you feel successful is our focus—not hitting it so hard you hurt for days and had no idea what you were actually doing.

We also have open gym times, with planned circuits and a trainer available to assist; as well as specialty classes such as Cardio/Core, and Low & Slow (a combination of pilates, barre & yoga).


We are not weightlifters, but we do lift weights.  We are not marathon runners, but we do run (or power walk!).  We are not Yogis, but we practice stretching and dab in yoga.  We believe that changing it up is key.  We believe in doing your best, whatever that means on any given day.

You will be accountable!  The support of the other members and the highly qualified staff make all the difference.  We know when you aren’t here, and we call you on it!

Have little ones?  We have a clean, childcare center with some amazing toys open at certain times of the day with a childcare provider, as well.

Wanna hang out?  Well, grab a cup of coffee from our kitchen and feel free to sit and chat.

We are a small studio, get in while you can!