Serving Saline, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding Michigan area

Small Group Fitness Classes

At Delirium Fitness, we focus on small-group classes with a “personal training feel.”  Instructors are able to give you personal attention to make sure your individual needs are being met.  Additionally, we work with you to be sure you are using proper form to avoid injury and get the most from your workout!

We offer a variety of classes to keep your body guessing – helping you to avoid fitness plateaus!

The Delirium Signature Workout

The Delirium Signature workouts are strategically planned to ensure a total body workout including cardio, strength, and core.  Formats, exercises and interval duration will vary from class to class to keep things fresh and to keep your body from plateauing.

Offered in 1 hour and condensed 45 minute formats on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Delirium 20/20/20

Delirium 20/20/20 workouts deliver 20 continuous minutes of cardio and 20 continuous minutes of strength, with a final 20 minutes of core and stretch!

Offered in full 1 hour format and a condensed 40 minute “Quickie” format (choose any 2 of the 20 minute segments!) on Tuesday and Thursday

InDELible Cardio + Core

We believe it all starts with a healthy heart and a strong core, so it makes sense to start your Mondays with an InDELible Cardio + Core workout!  Each class will consist of at least 20 minutes or hi-intensity body weight cardio; and focused floor core work.  Healthy joints are a must for participants in this class!

45 minutes, Monday morning


This 45 minute variable-intensity interval training class leaves you feeling stronger and more confident. Class includes body weight movements that focus on building functional strength, flexibility and balance to give you a total body burn to carry with you for the rest of the day! This is a functional workout that uses very little equipment but still manages to be incredibly difficult. We won’t just be burning calories, we’ll be training our bodies to work more efficiently and effectively.

45 minutes, Wednesday morning

Low & Slow

Challenge your muscles in new ways on Friday mornings in this 45 minute class!  “Low and Slow” classes will include methods from the practices of Yoga, Pilates, & Barre.  This is focused movement that focuses on smaller muscle groups, core strength, and balance.

45 minutes, Friday morning

Open Gym/Drop-In

VIIT training with a drop-in format to accommodate those that need flexibility due to children, work, appointments, etc. Circuits will be set up and a certified trainer will be on-site to assist at all times. If you can only get in 30-40 minutes, that’s OK, too!  Great opportunity to ask questions and work on form with the trainers, as it is a looser time-line!

Offered daily