Serving Saline, Ann Arbor, and the surrounding Michigan area


Delaura “Del” Baldwin

“The One With the Vision”

Owner, Fitness Director, Master Coach

Founder of Delirium Fitness, Del Baldwin, is, first and foremost, a mother of three.  Always a lover of movement and fitness, she grew up as a dancer.  During her college years at U of M and her young professional life as a video and film producer in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, she only periodically went to the gym to attend classes.

After getting laid off at age 35, however, she realized how out of shape she had become and decided to start running and focus on getting fit.  She ran her first mile since high school and began taking boot camp classes.  Seven months later, she ran a half-marathon.  She loved the way being fit made her feel stronger, and able to do things she never thought she could.  Wanting to share the way she felt with others, she decided to pursue training as a career.  Del attended National Personal Training Institute and received National Association of Sports Medicine-approved diplomas in Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling in 2009.

She began teaching classes on the beaches and in the parks in Southern California, and purchased a successful business that focused on women.  She had a support staff of five other instructors and over 120 members in 3 locations.  She ran this business for four years and doubled the sales.  During this time, she became more and more passionate about being a trainer.

After moving to Michigan, she started to try things out and get a feel for the new fitness climate. She taught classes at University of Michigan, Liberty Athletic Club, Workout 1, Saline Rec Center and Orange Theory Fitness.  She also began to take on some personal clients in her basement.  Soon, the business in her basement grew to 20 women taking classes together and supporting one another.

Delirium Fitness took on a life of its own!   After eighteen months, the business outgrew the basement and Del sought out a partner and new studio space to better serve the local women.

Del is so thrilled to have the opportunity to be able to serve women and assist them in their journey to be better, stronger, and more confident.  She believes women put themselves and their own well-being on the back-burner way too often, as she did for many years.  She tries to make it “easy” to commit through emotional support and offering challenging yet do-able classes that also push you to feel great.  She also aims to inspire people near and far with her involvement with Brooks Running.

She didn’t grow up a runner, and she didn’t start her professional life as a trainer at age 21, but it is because of this, she is able to relate better to her clientele, she is able to remember what it was like to “start”, and she is ever-so-grateful to have been lead down this new life path.

“I believe the universe has put me here to inspire and ignite others through fitness.”


Lynn Bahena

“The One Who Makes it Happen”

Owner, Administrative Director, Coach

Lynn grew up active, participating in various sports throughout her young life.  In middle school and high school, she gained a love for competitive sports and participated in swimming, volleyball, field hockey, and track and field.  Her main focus was running where she was a high school regional champion and state finalist sprinter (fun fact: she still holds a high school record many, MANY years later!)  Her love of running and fitness continued into her adult life, and she turned from sprinting to endurance events, participating in 5K, 10K, half-marathon and relay races.  As a former high school teacher, she also continued involvement in competitive sports as a track and field and field hockey coach.

Shortly after moving to Ann Arbor to raise her family (Lynn has 2 young boys) and work part-time as a mathematics teacher, she found herself in need of two things: a new fitness studio and friends – she found both when she joined Delirium Fitness.

Recently, Lynn decided it was time for a change and began searching for new career opportunities.  At the same time, Del began searching for a way to grow Delirium Fitness, and the two decided to join forces.  Within three short months, Lynn became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, co-owner and the Administrative Director of Delirium Fitness and couldn’t be more excited about her new-found career!  She is looking forward to learning and growing as a trainer and also leading training programs as the studio’s running coach.

“I’ve finally found my path in life and a career where I wake up excited to go to work every day!  I am passionate about helping others and strive to help empower other women through fitness!”