Member Spotlight: Martha & Lisa

They are 26 years apart and lead very different lives, but have both found their “Fitness Tribe” at Delirium and have gained new strength and healthy lifestyle habits.  (we have members spanning from 17 years old to 78!)

Their dedication and hard work has landed them in the spotlight this month.

Delirium really is a special place, and they both can attest to it!


Meet Martha Bianchi!

I am 59 years old and a mother of three grown children. My husband Jim and I will be celebrating our 34th wedding anniversary this summer. I currently work as the Secretary at the Saline Middle School.

Before I started Delirium, I was overweight and tired all the time. My knees hurt constantly and it was hard to walk up and down stairs. I wanted to lose some weight and feel better.

I have been with Delirium for a little over a year.  I love the variety that Delirium has – The workouts changed every day. Not a chance of getting bored. 

I love the camaraderie I have found at Delirium. I started Delirium with one of my closest friends because I know I needed the support and encouragement she would give me – Eileen has done just that but I have also found a whole new group of women who inspire and encourage me every time I am there. 

I feel so much better since I have been going to Delirium. I enjoy going to work out now and actually miss it if I don’t go. I have tons of more energy and I have started to see the weight begin to come off and have gone down a size in my clothes.

Because of Delirium I want to be more healthy in all parts of my life – I have been eating healthier and have cut down on my soda intake.

Cardio was my biggest challenge –I got winded very easily, but now I can now run on the treadmill!   

I love Delirium – couldn’t have done it without all the great members but especially Del and Lynn (and of course Eileen)!


Meet Lisa Gillette!

I am 33. Old enough that I have to think about it now, lol. I’ve been married 5 years this year and have 3 year old named Lily and 7 month old Lucy. Lily and I volunteer at Glacier Hills and I volunteer at the Humane Society of Huron Valley. I love photography too! 

My family is my biggest motivation to exercise. I want to be healthy for myself but be around for my husband and daughters as well. I want to be a good example for my girls! Fresh from having a baby I was eager to tone up once I got the green light.

I’ve been with Delirium since late December 2017 when I tried a class and signed up pretty much immediately.

I love that you’re never doing one thing for very long. So even if you feel like you’re going to die you know it’s not much longer. I love how it’s always different so I don’t get bored.

The FIRST time I went there all these ladies were cheering me on. It was amazing! Too often moms or women in general try to tear each other down but it’s always uplifting and positive there. Besides the groaning about the bike or woman-makers 😉

Since joining, I feel stronger and faster. It’s a slow process (that I know would  be faster if I didn’t like chocolate so much) but I’m seeing muscle definition in my abs and upper body.. Two places I have always struggled with! I feel more confident and just happier in general. I was a hard place for a couple months after having Lucy and I feel like it’s just what I needed. I’m a stay at home Mom so I feel like this is something for me and I’m taking care of myself.

In general, if I don’t see or feel results I give up pretty quickly and get out of the good habits I just started for myself. I feel great and I’ve lost a couple inches and can’t imagine quitting now! 

This place has exceeded my expectations. Not only have I been able to push myself to the limit without injury but I just feel so much better in every aspect of my life! 



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