Member Spotlight: Cathy!

This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Cathy Miller, a Delirium member at one of our corporate training sites! She’s been with us for 1 year, working out several times per week during her lunch break, in their on-site facility! A combination of circuits and yoga has Cathy feeling the best she has in a long time!

“At the top of Diamond Head! Thanks for getting me into shape Delirium Fitness (Del, Lynn, and Sharon)! Fitbit recorded 55 flights of stairs with the elevation!”

I’ve never consciously thought about wellness until I hit 40 and suddenly, it seemed like every little calorie I ate stuck to me like superglue! My BMI and blood pressure were slowly creeping up and my sleep quality was terrible. I chalked it up to the stress of nursing school and work but I think it was a combination of busyness plus age. Cayman Chemical sponsored a few free intro training sessions and nutrition counseling in 2018 and I really started to put some thought and intention into my health.

I started regularly working out with Del, Lynn, and Sharon in Oct 2018 (wow, I’ve stuck to a regular fitness plan for a whole year!!!), when they would come to our gym to teach. Since it was literally down the hall from my office, I ran out of excuses. I am so happy I did! 

I have such a love/hate relationship with workouts but once I get past the “I can’t breathe and I’m going to die” feeling, it’s great! The ladies change up the circuits so they are always challenging and no two workouts are the same -it never seems like the same boring workout. They are encouraging, knowledgeable, and take the time to correct our form and techniques so we can get the most out of each exercise. I appreciate that they know who has joint problems and can’t use the treadmill; or who prefers the elliptical or bike; and really tailor our group workouts to accommodate everyone. It has been great to see so many of my coworkers getting fit and feeling better.

Life outside work is pretty crazy otherwise. In addition to lab work (yay Chemistry!), I am a part-time nurse at an Allergy/Immunology office (yay medicine), and when selected, I do industrial print/video shoots through a talent agency. This involves driving all around greater metro Detroit, as far as Toledo and Muskegon in the wee hours of the morning, and sometimes overnight (yay fame and fortune!) When I’m not doing paid work, I carpool my 12 yr old daughter to school 3 mornings/week, take her to weekly piano lessons, twice weekly basketball practices, and weekends are all about basketball games/tournaments (yay 76ers!). Because I am insane, my volunteer activities include giving monthly blood pressure checks at church, occasional youth group activities (yay Dexter UMC), and monthly Public Relations projects at school (yay AACS!). Thank goodness my husband is a very helpful person or we would never have any food or clean clothes (yay 14 year anniversary!).

Although I have not seen the scale come down as much as I would like, I only give that a passing thought as I have gained strength and look pretty buff otherwise 😊 My latest blood pressure reading is 15 points lower in systolic and 10 points lower in diastolic so that’s a pretty big deal at 47, and I seem to be getting better sleep too…which is good for everyone around me. Thanks Delirium Fitness!

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