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Drop-In Circuit Training


What can you expect from Drop-In Circuits

Delirium Drop-In circuits provide you with a planned 1-hour circuit training workout.  These Drop-In times are coed, unlike our Women’s Small Group Personal Training classes. The format used is VIIT is “Variable Intensity Interval Training”.  It’s not another gimmick, it’s tried and true.  We combine traditional cardio intervals on machines (treadmills, rowers, and bikes) with strength exercises using weights, TRX, kettlebells, and other resistance tools to give you a full-body/well-rounded workout in 1 hour, or less!  Everybody can do it.

The great thing about Drop-In Circuits is that you can make the workout your own!  You can choose if you want to do strength only, cardio only or a combination of the two!

When are Drop-In Circuits offered? 

Women’s Small Group Personal Training classes are offered 7 days a week! M-F they are offered late morning and evening and on weekends they are offered mid-morning.  See our schedule for details!