Studio Policies

Below, you will find general Delirium Fitness studio policies, designed to keep us all on the “same page”.  Feel free to contact us with any concerns.

About our classes: Drop-in vs. Small Group Personal Training

What is the difference?

  • Drop-in hours are Co-ed. Small Group Training is Female only.
  • During Drop-in hours, you do not have a specific start time.  You must finish within the drop-in window. During small group personal training, everyone starts and finishes together at the time specified.
  • During Drop-In, you can choose to do all or part of the workout of the day (ie, cardio only, strength only).

What is the same?

  • The workout itself.
  • Supportive instructor on duty to help and answer questions.

Advance Class Registration

For all classes at Delirium Fitness, please understand you are holding a valuable spot.  Whether it is a bike or a spot in the Women’s Small Group Personal Training, it is important to remember not only to sign up in advance but also to be considerate of others by not making it a habit to cancel late.

It is imperative for you to sign up in advance of classes in order to insure you have a spot in the studio. Additionally, if nobody has signed up for classes within a certain window, we may cancel the class.*

For all drop-in circuit times, it is helpful for us for you to sign up so we can plan accordingly, and so there is no risk of a drop-in window being cancelled.




Class Waitlist

Once capacity for a class is met, you will be placed on a waitlist if you choose to register.   When a spot opens, members will be automatically registered for the class in the order they were waitlisted and an email will be generated. Therefore, members are encouraged to check regularly to see if they have been registered for a waitlisted class.

You are responsible for taking yourself off the waitlist if you will not be able to make it to a class for which you are waitlisted. If you get “placed” into class within the 8 hour window, you are responsible for your spot.

No Show/Late Cancel Policy

Many of our classes are small, so holding a spot may be preventing another from working out. We understand that things happen, and you might have to miss a class here or there.  When the situation arises, please be considerate by cancelling your reservation, even if it’s within the “late cancellation” window as there may be someone on the waitlist. For now, we are lenient with the cancelation policy, and we are hoping it never becomes a habit for any member to hold a spot and cancel regularly.

Signing In

Please sign in to class upon arrival using the iPad located at the reception desk. Please refrain from “signing in” off site as this creates confusion.

Early Arrival

Members arriving early to class are welcome to enter the studio. If there is currently a class in session, we ask that you remain in the reception area. When there is no class in session, members arriving early are welcome to begin warm up using the gym floor and/or machines prior to the beginning of class.

Late Shows

Members are welcome to arrive to class late, however, they will be expected to warm up on their own and enter the workout in a fashion that will not cause any disruption to the class in session.

Proper Attire

We kindly request that “outdoor attire” remain in the waiting area of the facility. Please refrain from tracking mud, water, snow, etc. into the workout area. If desired, members are welcome to leave a pair of “studio shoes” at the facility for use during class.

“Studio Hygiene”

Please grab a gym wipe at the beginning of class and try to wipe down your equipment in between stations to help prevent the spreading of any bad germs.


“A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you won’t go anywhere until you change it.”

We all get into bad moods. We all have bad days. Going to work-out should be a solution to your mood, something that will help change it, so please come to the studio with an open mind and get ready to change the outlook on your day! When you bring your bad attitude into the studio, you spread negativity. In our tight and personal space, it is vital that we keep our energy positive.

Open Communication

Please do not hesitate to share any comments, concerns or questions with the staff. We value member feedback and are here for YOU!

Getting in Touch

Please feel free to contact Del (310) 990-7021 or Lynn (313) 410-3513 with any questions, concerns or to late cancel or add. We will forward your message to the appropriate instructor on duty.

Billing:  Contracts, Refunds, cancellations, change of status and freezing accounts

Delirium Fitness does not require “contract” obligations for membership packages, unless noted in a special promotion. Monthly auto-renewing memberships will automatically renew and charge to the client’s credit card on the client’s billing date.

Except in extenuating circumstances, membership fees will not be refunded.

Package cancellations or modifications must be submitted, in writing, 7 days prior to the billing date.

In cases of illness, injury, pregnancy, etc. we offer the option of freezing your membership for a period of 1-6 months.

Any requests related to billing/memberships should be sent to Lynn at


We strive to keep our members informed via several outlets. The Delirium Fitness Facebook page will always contain the most up-to-date announcements/information. We will also utilize email and in-class announcements for important announcements (we try to keep emails to a minimum).

Class Cancellations

Class cancellations will be a VERY rare occurrence, typically due to inclement weather or lack of participants (see “Advance Class Registration” above). If Saline Area Schools are closed due to weather, we will likely cancel classes. The Delirium Fitness Members Facebook page will contain this announcement and we will do our best to get in touch with members registered for class.

Selling Products/Services

We encourage our members to partake in business endeavors that are right for them. However, we kindly ask that you obtain approval from Del or Lynn prior to selling or promoting products within our facility. This includes posts on our members’ Facebook page.

Cell Phone Policy                 

For safety purposes, we ask that you refrain from cell phone usage in the studio during classes. Members utilizing a heart rate monitor app are asked to place their phone in the designated area for the duration of class with the ringer set to silent.

We understand that emergencies may arise. If this is the case, we ask that you exit the workout area to take your phone call.


For safety reasons, children are not allowed in the Functional Fitness or Cycling Studio at any time and are only allowed in the 1209 Studio during hours when child care is offered (M-F 9:00-10:30 am for all ages and 4:30-7:45 pm for school-aged children).

All other child care policies are outlined in the Child Care Policies & Procedures document.

Holiday Closures and Limited Class Offerings

Delirium Fitness will be closed on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day



Christmas Day

We will be open with limited class offerings on the following holidays:

Martin Luther King Day

President’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

New Year’s Eve