Love that the trainers keep track of each of our performances throughout the workout. The personal touch to the workout at Delirium Fitness is truly the difference here. The trainers manage each of our workouts at the level we are at and progress us to help us achieve our very best. Heart monitors are only one of the tools they utilize. Their keen eye and taking the time to know each and everyone one of us is the greatest advantage here. Whether it’s heart monitoring or form, it’s keep me honest and helps to prevent injuries. I personally keep track of myself and my effort. I’ve worn an Apple Watch for a few years now. However, I’m the the of person who will push too far if not watched. I love that when I am sacrificing form for excess weight in an exercise, there is a trainer to reel me in and help me adjust to keep me from being injured. At the end of each workout, I enjoy reviewing my stats to better understand how my heart rate changed throughout the workout and where I can improve to maximize my cardiac function and overall wellness. Delirium Fitness is the right place for me right now. Great workouts, amazing trainers who truly care about helping me to be my best, and the camaraderie in the gym during workouts is truly incredible. We watch out for each other and cheer on everyone’s successes. If you want a personalized workout at the cost of a regular gym membership this is the place for you as well. Come see the joy these trainers bring to your workout.