Michelle has changed her life!

Michelle has changed her life.

Three years ago, she started with Del as a compulsive Diet Coke drinker. She hadn’t worked out regularly ever in her life. She was 42.

“I would wake up and the first thing I would put in my body was a Diet Coke. My days were stressful, and largely sedentary. I didn’t feel good, but I really didn’t even know just how bad I felt until I started to feel good.”

Michelle Before Discovering the “Delirium Difference”

At that time, Del was working out of her basement with Michelle as a personal client.

Her changes were slow and steady. Del’s philosophy is to gradually introduce lifestyle changes and workout intensity in order to assure success. “Most people go ‘all or nothing’ and they burn-out after a couple months, feeling defeated and deprived.”

Michelle was familiar with that. In the past, she had used Weight Watchers to lose weight, and it always worked, and worked quickly….but it always came back. And Weight Watchers didn’t teach her to “feed and love her body for ultimate health” like Del does, rather, it taught her to count calories and deprive herself for weight loss. It simply can’t stick.

At first, Michelle was frustrated because the weight did not come off as quickly as it did with Weight Watchers, but eventually, she saw a ton of “non-scale victories”, like her clothes fitting better, having more energy, managing her stress better, etc.   After a few months, she started training for her first 5k and within five months of starting with Del, she successfully ran (did NOT walk at all) her first 5k, and 2 months after that, a 10k! “I NEVER thought I would be able to be a runner.   Del gave me an amazing training plan and encouraged me every step of the way.” Her strength and stamina had changed drastically in just seven months and she was doing more than she imagined. And she started to workout with a small group that Del had developed. Del’s business was growing with Michelle! And “Delirium Fitness” came alive! Because the Delirium workouts are so different every day, clients avoid plateaus and are consistently challenged. Delirium’s usage of heartrate monitoring and cardio machines is distinct in a group format and ensures the trainers are aware of the workout results. “Every day is different, which makes it fun,” says Michelle. But Del says it’s simply obvious that doing the same thing all the time doesn’t change you, and that’s the goal, to change and improve.

Now, three years after she started her journey, instead of waking up and drinking Diet Coke, Michelle does an intense early morning small group workout 3-5 days per week at Delirium’s new studio location; drinks Del’s favorite “health tonic” and eats a healthy breakfast. She has learned how to make better food choices, while not feeling like she is depriving herself. Michelle, to date, is down THREE clothing sizes and has run a HALF MARATHON as well as participated in the intense Ragnar relay race with a group of other Deliriums! She feels more confident and strong. She has made new friends and really looks forward to working out. “The other women as encouraging and inspiring” she says. Del is most pleased that she sees it’s not about “losing weight” and looking good, it’s about feeling good, respecting your body, and overall health. Most importantly, she is modeling a healthy lifestyle and attitude for her daughter. Michelle was monitored, cared for, and nurtured to get here. She never had an injury or felt over-trained (well, except her elbow from roller skating!). Del has even noticed a huge improvement in her balance, coordination, and flexibility.

To quote Michelle: “My favorite thing about the way I feel is that I have more energy, am in a better mood, feel like a strong role model for my daughter and it doesn’t take me an hour to pick out my clothes because I don’t like the way my clothes fit!”

Michelle is a Delirium success story. Along with Becky, Mandy, Valerie, Lori, Elise, Anu, Eileen, Martha, Colleen, Karen, Kara, and many more!

Delirium’s goal is “to give each member the best workout experience of her life” no matter how fit or unfit they may be. The beauty of the small groups is the ability of the trainers to watch you carefully and give modifications as necessary to ensure everyone is successful and not injured. As Delirium has grown, they remain true to Del’s vision of small group personal training and individualized attention; and Del has carefully trained the other certified trainers on the Delirium Philosophy. She has even created have a very intricate system of planning workouts that are safe, yet challenging; and work the entire body without over-working it.


Discover the Delirium Difference, like Michelle did.


Michelle AFTER – Living a healthier lifestyle and enjoying every minute!


Written by:

Delaura “Del” Baldwin

NPTI Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant, AFA Group Fitness Instructor

Co-owner, Fitness Director, and Master Trainer at Delirium Fitness

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