Member Spotlight: Andrea!

Andrea is so dedicated to fitness that she ends her hectic work day (as a staff scientist in a molecular biology laboratory at UM) with a run, some PT exercises, and a cycling class at Delirium.  After that, she has a long commute back to Rochester Hills!  It is this dedication that is earning her the spotlight this month!

Andrea started spinning about 3.5 years ago when a colleague asked me to try it out with her on a Groupon.  “She didn’t stick with it, but I never stopped coming back!”

We asked her what she loves about cycling and about Delirium.

“I love that everyone in the room is doing the same workout, but that it is each ride is easily tailored to the fitness level of any rider. When I first started I was very unfit and I loved the fact that I didn’t stand out in class for needing to modify my ride. Cycling has also been a great form of rehabilitation after injuring my hip running.

The best part of Delirium is all the different options. I can’t wait to start working strength training into my routine in 2019! Having a trainer in the room to help learn how to do each exercise correctly makes it very approachable.”

In 2019, she has decided to really push her fitness goals. She will be riding my first century ride (100 miles in a day) to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Michigan in July 2019. “It was due to the encouragement of the cycling instructors at Delirium that I decided I could handle this challenge. I know that all the different training options available at Delirium will help get me physically ready to accomplish this feat!”

Keep up the good work, Andrea!  All of us at Delirium are looking forward to working with you this year on your goals!

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