Member Spotlight: Val


Valerie Haeussler has been with Del since the beginning, when her small classes were in her basement.  Two years ago, she was taking one class per week and couldn’t do a pushup. She attends classes five to six days a week now and embodies the spirit of Delirium!  “She stands taller, has more energy, smiles more, is faster, stronger, and talks back more now” says Del!


 I am and will continue to be a work in progress, but I have seen a tremendous amount of positive changes in myself since starting at Delirium, both mentally and physically! I’m not sure where to start… there are so many things about me that are improved.

I could NOT run when I started (not even 60 seconds) but now I can get a mile done in under 10 minutes. That may not impress many, but to me it’s huge! When I started on this journey, I’m not sure I ever thought I could really do it, but with encouragement and determination, I’ve gotten stronger and stronger, one day at a time. I love how much stronger I am both mentally and physically. I have a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities and am impressed with the definition I’m starting to see in the mirror!

 With a family history of diabetes and heart disease, my biggest goal is to stay healthy and active! It’s also great to not have the mental drag or “fog” in the afternoons like I used to before becoming regularly active! Being more physically fit also makes me more mentally fit and more successful at my full time job at U of M.  Not to mention, I am a lot more patient and less stressed at home.


 I can’t pick one!   My absolute favorite thing about Delirium are the people and energy – I’ve become good friends with many of the amazing women from Delirium. I truly love how motivating and inspiring everyone is towards each other.

I never thought I’d be able to get to a work out at 5 am, but knowing my friends are there and expecting me, it’s become one of my favorite parts of the day.

I am grateful for the terrific instructors! They all know how and when to push us to do our personal best. Proper form is always a priority with the instructors, too, so we don’t get hurt, and I really, really appreciate that! The instructors make Delirium standout!

 I also love the flexibility of start-times and options now that there is also cycling and yoga!

 I absolutely love the variety of exercises we do—all challenging and fun! Every day is something new and I look forward to every workout. 

Thanks for being Delirious about fitness with us,Val! 

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