Member Spotlight: Wendy

Wendy amazes us every day with her dedication to her wellness and fitness.  She cycles, does strength circuits, and yoga.  She won the “Participation Challenge” in September by showing up more than anyone, so this month we highlight her!  After years of experience, why has she chosen Delirium?  She can tell it best!

I started to exercise on a very regular basis in 1992.  This was mostly step classes, some of which did include a bit a strength training.  Years later, I added cycling and strength training. For the last year, I have been going to Delirium for strength and yoga; and for years I went to RydeOn for my cardio/cycling.  I was so pleased when it was all offered under one roof.

As I have matured, I have learned the importance of fitness endeavors that are based on science and are comprehensive.  I value not only a good cardio or strength workout but also one that includes a focus on agility, flexibility and balance.  At this time my goal is to stay active and injury-free.

The X-factor for my experiences at Delirium is the knowledge and expertise of all of the instructors.  The size of each class allows for individualized attention. Regardless of what specific workout I am doing, the instructor is focused on my form and technique, allowing for a safe and effective time. As I get older (turn 70 in 2 months), with a few more physical limitations, Delirium provides the environment and options for me.

They are able to cater to absolutely everyone: The most fit and young athletes to the people who need to get back to working out after years.  I love that I can workout with my daughter, Emily, too!

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