PR Week at Delirium!


What is a PR?  And what does it mean at Delirium?


It is an assessment of how things are going for you.  It is a way to gauge where you may be plateauing, gaining ground, or losing ground.  Each PR is designed with different goals, different things we are assessing.

For instance:

  • One mile on the treadmill PR is all about cardiovascular ENDURANCE
  • 10 pulls on the rower is all about EFFICIENCY in your strokes
  • 1:00 on the rower is all about POWER (Sprinting is more about power than anything else!)

We do NOT compare against one another, we do not  have a “leader board”.  As fun as it is to compete for some, it is not part of our mission.  Our mission is for EACH individual member to feel successful.  That means, we are only concerned with how you are doing according to your PERSONAL self.

We can’t compare a 170 pound, 85% lean muscle 6 foot tall 30 year-old with a 120 pound 5 foot 60 year-old.  We can’t compare even within the same age group; or the same size brackets.  Everyone is so different, everyone has their own unique body, their own unique abilities, and their own unique challenges.  We are not here to “beat” anybody.  We are here to do our PERSONAL best.

And, what if you are not getting a PR when we assess?  What happens if?  I’ll tell you! Nothing.  It just means you know you might be able to do better next time.  It just means that you might have lost a little ground in one area, but perhaps gained in another.  Or maybe it just means you had a crappy night sleep, ate like crap the day before, etc.

For me, personally, I know I have maxed out on many assessments.  I know I might not ever get to where I once was in some areas.  I also know that I am more balanced, more flexible, and have a healthier attitude about myself and my goals.  I also know that my focus is on others and not me right now, so watching YOU feel successful and healthier is my priority.  So, I might not hit PRs. but I’m doing something even BETTER, which brings me to PBs. 

What is a PB?  It’s a PERSONAL BEST

When I am not in a PR mode, I still like to do my best for where I am that day.  And then, I call it a PERSONAL BEST.  Because, it is, after all, the best I could do personally, on that day.  

So, work your hardest during PR week to do YOUR BEST, so you know what you are capable of PERSONALLY, TODAY.  If you don’t set a PR, go ahead and call it your PB.  And be proud of yourself.  For coming.  For committing.  For working hard.   I know I’m proud of all of you!

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