Member Spotlight: Jennie!

Jennie as been with Delirium since the early days in Del’s basement. We call her our “Cardio Queen”. It is her dedication and hard work that earn her a place in the spotlight. She always comes with a “can do” attitude and great energy. Although she doesn’t like man-makers, she has gained a ton of ground on the strength floor! Read Jennie’s answers to get an idea of how amazing she is and why Delirium is the right fit for her!
Where are you in your fitness journey and have has Delirium Fitness helped you along the way?
Exercise has always been an important part of my life since it is my stress relief. For the past 20 years, most of my workouts have been focused around running (still my favorite). However, as I’ve aged, I recognize that I need to increase my strength, improve my balance to avoid future falls, and get a cardio workout in more than one avenue since running involves a lot of pounding on my joints. Delirium Fitness has been perfect for me! I have arm muscles for the first time in my life (Del even complimented my push-ups!), my balance has improved, and I’ve learned that I pretty much enjoy all types of cardio! I guess that’s why they call me Cardio Queen!
When asked what her favorite thing about Delirium is, this was her answer:
I have too many “favorites” to list just one! One of my favorite things about Delirium Fitness is the flexibility. As a working mom with a crazy schedule, I love being able to choose between an early morning class or early evening class depending on my work calendar and commute to Dearborn. I also love the weekend drop-in classes since I often need to support my children’s sports activities and the flexibility is perfect for me. Another favorite is the people! I’ve made so many friendships in the past two years and the women I’ve met are so inspirational. The coaches push me to be my best – what more can you ask for? I love how the workouts are tailored to meet your specific needs – from training for a race or recovering from an injury. Finally, I love all the monthly challenges and the exposure to try new activities – from cycling to yoga to nutritional seminars. I cannot say enough positive things about Delirium Fitness!

Member Spotlight: Meg!

When Meg came to our Athleta event last January, she hadn’t been working out in a gym since before her children (Molly, 4 & Mayer, 2) were born.
She was nervous and slightly intimidated by what she thought was going to be “too challenging” for her. What she discovered was a supportive staff and encouraging members—and she had a very successful workout. She continues to amaze us with her strength and power abilities in the studio and has made so much improvement, we wanted to shed the spotlight on Meg.
“Delirium has played a big part in helping me get back into a fitness routine. I’ll never forget my first class at Delirium. I was full of self-doubt and not much confidence. But after each class, I started to feel better and better about myself and realized I was much stronger than I knew.”
Meg has a very busy schedule with her two children and her photography business (Meg Dula Photography) but she not only works out a couple times each week, she also assists in the childcare room.
“The fact that the members all collaborate to make sure the kids can be taken care of while the moms workout is so helpful,” Meg states. Meg claims her least favorite part of Delirium is the AirDyne bikes; and the supportive staff and members the most.